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Save ads from fb ad library, tiktok creative center and instagram. Share creative ad ideas with your team or clients.

3,000+ Brands & Agencies Choose Us

3,000+ Brands & Agencies Choose Us



Quickly Save Ads from Multiple Platforms

AdsLibrary google chrome extension helps you to save ads or videos from tiktok, instagram and fb ad library in one click.

Install Chrome Extension Install Chrome Extension
  • Fb Ad Library Fb Ad Library
  • TikTok Creative Center TikTok Creative Center
  • TikTok Ad Library TikTok Ad Library
  • TikTok Organic TikTok Organic
  • Instagram Organic Instagram Organic


Create Online Ad Library

Ads saved from various ad platforms will be stored in your online ad library for easy viewing and management at any time.

Go to My Library Go to My Library Go to My Library
  • AI Search AI Search
  • Ad Filters Ad Filters
  • Ad Details Ad Details
  • Custom Tag Custom Tag
  • Ads Active Status Ads Active Status
  • Ads Download Ads Download
  • Notion Embed Notion Embed

Discover A Steady Stream of Ads
Discover A Steady Stream of Ads
Discover A Steady Stream of Ads
Discover A Steady Stream of Ads


Discover A Steady Stream of Ads

As the most complete advertising community, we own over 600k high-quality ads from 80k+ brands.

Discover Creative Ads Discover Creative Ads
  • 600k+ Ads 600k+ Ads
  • 80k+ Brands 80k+ Brands
  • AI Search AI Search
  • Favourite Brands Favourite Brands
  • Daily Update Daily Update


Categorize Ads by Folders and Groups

By creating new folders or groups, you can well manage ads saved from fb ad library, tiktok creative center and instagram.

Create My Own Group Create My Own Group Create My Own Group
  • Share Group Share Group
  • Edit Group Edit Group
  • Move Group Move Group


Share with Team & Client

By sharing links, you can share individual ads or entire ad groups with your team or clients. Express your thoughts by adding comments.

Go Save & Share Share Links
  • Share Links Share Links
  • Team Comments Team Comments


Quick Download Ads

You can download TikTok ads in bulk via the Google extension, or download ad videos, images and other data from detail pages of the saved ads.

Go Download Ads Go Download Ads Go Download Ads
  • Video/Photo Video/Photo
  • Ad Copy Ad Copy
  • Likes Ad Copy
  • Platform Platform
  • Format Format
  • Category Category
  • Landing Page Landing Page
Quickly Save Ads from All Platform

More Surprise Features

  • Save in Bulk

    Save in Bulk

    Save ads from TikTok Creative Center in bulk with a simple click.

  • Manual Upload

    Manual Upload

    Manual upload content like videos and photos, or save ads from ad library via link.

  • Screenshot Web Pages

    Screenshot Web Pages

    A useful fuction for saving web pages can help you save some creative advertising pages.

  • Active Status

    Active Status

    Keep monitoring the active status of your saved ads and record the running time of the ads.

Users' Positive Feedback

Adam Champion
AdsLibrary provides a great ad saving tool for my creative team. With this tool, we are able to save and manage ads from multiple platforms in a unified way.
Gary Fromson
One of the hardest things is sharing clients about advertising creativity. AdsLibrary makes it easier to visually demonstrate by creating and sharing a ad group with a quick link.
Erica Madden
AdsLibrary integrates Fb ad library and Tiktok creative center. And the discovery center have been a game changer in giving me lots of creative ad ideas and providing ad details.
Sylvia Lawrence
I use it daily for saving ads from ad library. If you’re trying to save more ads, AdsLibrary is something you have to have. That's right, it is such a great tool.